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JICA研修員への文化交流イベントでの日本文化紹介ボランティア(3月15日)/Wanted!:Cultural Exchange Volunteer at JICA Event (Mar. 15)



-----<English translation follows Japanese texts./英語訳は日本語文の後に続きます。>-----


JICA(国際協力機構 https://www.jica.go.jp/)が受け入れる海外からの研修員22名(橋梁維持管理分野)に対して、日本や長崎の特徴的な文化や生活様式等をパワーポイント等でプレゼンテーションするボランティアです。(10~15分/人)



場所:長崎大学文教キャンパス グローバル教育・学生支援棟





Cultural Exchange Volunteer at JICA(*) Event.

*JICA: Japan International Cooperation Agency (https://www.jica.go.jp/english/index.html)


JICA is to host two dozens of overseas technical trainees and will held the events and sessions for them to experience Japanese cultures and its life style. You are to attend there to play a role introducing such things in front of the trainees in English. Your point of view on Nagasaki and Japan as an exchange student who is fairly new here would be appreciated and your presentation is expected to be about 10 -15 min. After the presentation session, table talk (freewheeling conversation) time will be planned and demonstrations of Japanese traditional arts, such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese classical dance and calligraphy writing, will follow. As for demonstration session, you are welcome to try together with trainees.


-Date and time: 11:30-16:00, Friday, March 15th

-Venue: Liaison office Bldg. at Bunkyo Campus

-Qualifications: English and elementary level of Japanese language. Being able to prepare and deliver your presentation on Japanese culture in English.

-Gratuity: 4,000 yen and lunch.

-How to apply: Please send an email to gp_daigakukan@ml.nagasaki-u.ac.jp by Friday, Mar. 1st, and make sure all your information below are listed.


Hiragana or Katakana for your name:

Cell phone # (if any):

Student ID #:

*Applications are now closed!  Thank you so much for your big interest!!