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グローカル人材育成プログラム(GP)参加者大募集中!/Join - GP Membership Registration is Always Open!



GP collaborates with universities and colleges across Nagasaki and carries out student organized activities for both Japanese and int'l students to learn from diversity and improve your problem-solving abilities. Why don't you join us building your leadership skills to play an active role both in the local and global society?




Once you register with GP, you are to receive e-mailings in English once in a while from me notifying you GP events, activities and volunteering opportunities/openings if any.



GP registration form is provided at the designated office/division at your uni/college, such as student support division or educational affairs division. Fill and submit it in the same office/division.





*Most of GP activities are planned and run by its student leaders through meetings and preparations. GP guarantees that becoming a GP student leader will make your campus life more fruitful than only staying passive to receive updates and show up at each event.

If you’d like to go active enough to become a GP student leader member, tick a box on the GP registration form!

Be the one who makes this program count!!

(GP student leaders' meetings and gatherings are basically handled in Japanese.)


Either way you join in GP as a general member or student leader, find it for further details in a membership guideline handout, which is also available at the office/division.

You can download the handout from the link below