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「まちあるき双六大会」に参加しました!/GP Participated in "Strolling Nagasaki Downtown Event"


<English translation follows Japanese.> 



On the 11th of Nov., GP member students participated in the “Strolling Nagasaki Downtown Event (Dice Game ver.),” which is held annually by NPO “Nagasaki Sugoroku-no-Kai” (*), who aims to develop and promote tourism in Nagasaki by organizing and running town-strolling events. 

GP students were divided into 5 groups consisting of Japanese and exchange fellows respectively and all groups kicked off at Minato Park in the morning. This year, GP was honored to welcome an Ireland male, who happened to travel around Nagasaki and wanted to experience his destination in an unique way, to call in and stroll together.

There were many attractions and staple but can’t-miss sightseeing spots where participants could drop in as rolling the dice and forwarding spot to spot based on the number of the dice.

Students enjoyed free entry to the Oura Cathedral, the oldest wooden church of Gothic architecture in Japan recently recognized as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, encountering a heart-shaped shrub, feeling cozy breeze at the port area, free bites of Nagasaki traditional sweets “castella” and popular yummy snacks like “steamed pork buns,” and going up and down nostalgic steeps, being overwhelmed at the newly built prefectural government office bldg. in modern-style… and more.

To wrap up the game, as one of its highlights, a lottery game entertained all the participants with splendid prizes.


GP students were filled with satisfaction with little fatigue and new friendships they’ve built after all. It’s no doubt that we have to admit that all the volunteer and running staff to organize this event made this day!! Thank you!!