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It made me happy to participate today!
And the staff was also very nice, understanding and friendly.
I wish for a peaceful world.
Thanks a lot for everything!(Nagasaki University )











東京2020オリンピック ボランティア

I have participated in BMX as Athletes' Service Team. Our main role as a team was to facilitate the help need it to the athletes by preparing their resting room, make sure that they have enough supplies, and help them if they need information or further assistance. During the first days, I worked mainly preparing the rooms and on the last day, I was directly assisting athletes. I was not able to see the competition from my position but I felt very satisfied because we could directly help athletes through our assistance. I was able to see the job behind the cameras of the Tokyo Olympics and it was very interesting for me. In addition, my volunteers' team was very kind and we worked together to make a nice job. I spent memorable days, not just because of the nice atmosphere also because I was able to provide help to Japan during these pandemic difficult moments. I am grateful to be part of this historical moment and I recommend everyone to be involved of these activities at least once in life.

(Nagasaki University)

東京2020オリンピック ボランティア

【Motivation for volunteering】

I was a 10 years-old kid, specifically in when the Egyptian wrestler "Karam Gaber" won the gold medal "Athens 2004". I still remember how the whole country celebrated him. This was when my dream that one day I can participate in the Olympics has started. Since I came to Japan on September 2018 to study at the graduate school at Nagasaki University, I felt my dream is about to come true. I really feel privileged to be a student in Japan at the time the Olympics is held.

【Volunteering tasks and the feelings while being on duty】

As part of the event services, I was assigned the role of a team leader for the language group. My most memorable day in the volunteer was when the Egyptian soccer team came to the venue to play against Australia. I was in charge of the Egyptian team since they arrived at the stadium, helping them solve some issues with accreditation, guiding them through the stadium and after the game I was in the mixed zone, interpreting for the Egyptian athletes being interviewed by the Japanese media. It was the most wonderful experience, even greater than what I would have imagined. The next day I received a lot of appreciation messages from the interpreting team telling me that I saved the day because they were in a trouble of no one speaking Arabic, I also received a signed T-shirt from the Captain of the Egyptian team. It was the moment when I felt proud the most that I played an important role in the Olympics.

【Impressions after the volunteering】

I feel that volunteering at the Olympics was like the sherry on top of the cake for my volunteering experience, before becoming a member of society from next year.
I consider myself a lucky person, as not so many people get the chance to participate in this once in a life time experience, and being part of something extraordinary. Volunteering in the Olympics was a valuable opportunity, meeting with many people from different age groups, nationalities and cultural backgrounds and working together to spread the smiles amongst the spectators, the athletes and ourselves. This opportunity opened the door for me to gain inspiring experiences and making new friendships that would have never happened if it weren’t for volunteering. I am really excited and proud that I played a role in such a historic event.

*This student's original feedback was revised as above and some texts were omitted to fit the page.(Nagasaki University)

V・ファーレン長崎 前日設営ボランティア 5/4・5/14


V・ファーレン長崎 前日設営ボランティア