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南部 協働 

【ボランティア】働く船の見学会①11/26(土)11:00-15:00/ Study and Experience a Tour on a Ship!!①11/26(sat)11:00-15:00


(日本語のあとに英語で記載しています。English follows Japanese.)










On November 26th and 27th, a study tour was held on a ship at the port of "Mizube-no-mori" (Nagasaki Seaside Park), and students participated as volunteer guides.


This event was organized for the first time by a NPO in order to introduce Nagasaki ships to many people. They showed a ship that can be used to gather and transport gravel from seabed. A lot of families with children came to see it and volunteer students guided them. Visitors were able to actually board a large ship and see the heavy machinery and the conveyor carrying gravel up close. The volunteer students could also learn how the ship works and experience drones and VR goggles.


One of the volunteer students said, "I learned there are many ships which cannot be built in other ports and we cannot usually see. I want others to know about it." Another student said "I learned that Japan is advanced in hands-on learning for children." Through this volunteer experience, they could also experience the latest science and technology. It must have been a valuable experience for students.